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WeatherUse the weather tool to prepare for the weather where you are OR where you are going to be hunting.
Hunting Safety ZoneUse the map to set waypoints on your hunt and keep a safe zone around you for protection while you hunt. Can be set from 100 to 2000 meters or yards.
Deer AgingUse the Deer Aging tool to estimate the correct age and review common characteristics of the animal you are hunting. Also a great education tool!
Advanced SettingsUse the settings tab to change such functions as your safe zone, sounds and set alerts, etc.
Buddy Locator and Safe ZoneAdd safety to every hunt by using the Geo-locator to see where your designated hunting buddies are at all times. If one comes within your safe zone WUH will alert you.
Rack CalculatorUse our built in rack calculator to estimate the gross rack score of your harvest.
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ATTENTION: whereUhunt is ready for hunting season! Stay Safe, Enjoy the App and Happy Hunting!

Designed by hunters, for hunters

whereUhunt is a versatile hunting app for all types of hunters that utilizes your smart phone’s GPS system to allow hunters and hunting buddies see each other’s positions in real time. Additionally, whereUhunt will quietly alert you if one of your hunting buddies is within a certain range of your location providing hunters real-time safe zones.

Feature rich for worldwide hunting

Additional features include field tools like current weather information, sunrise/set times, moon phase data, wind speed and direction, a rack calculator where you can score your harvested animal’s rack, on the hoof deer aging images and characteristics, and an in-app messaging system so hunters don’t have to leave the app to quietly converse with one another. Whether you’re hunting white-tail in south Texas, red stag in New Zealand or pheasant in Kansas, whereUhunt is an inexpensive and versatile hunting tool designed to enhance all kinds of hunter’s experiences.

Why use whereUhunt ?

Versatile tool for ALL TYPES of hunters

MONITOR hunters on your ranch

Great EDUCATION tool for kids

whereUhunt DONATES 10% of all app sales to a local hunting charity

ABSOLUTELY NO in-app advertisements

Additional Features INCLUDED (no hidden costs)

Our promise to you

At whereUhunt we strive to provide hunters of all types with a fun, safe and useful tool to enhance their hunting experience.